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As part of our membership package, SSSC members will enjoy discounts and privileges at the following participating merchants and restaurants.

London Boat Quay

London Gastrobar

55 Boat Quay
International Factors Building
Singapore 049844
Tel: 6535 2273

10% discount on F&B spend

To ensure that you will always have the best deals, we will continue to bring in new partners throughout the season, so keep checking back here for the latest additions!

If you're interested in becoming our partner, please contact us.

The privileges listed here are offered to SSSC members by the participating merchants on a goodwill basis, and are subject to change. SSSC will not be held responsible for failure on the part of the participating merchants to honour these privileges for any reason whatsoever.

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    Spurs vs Aston Villa 11 May 10.00pm 108


    Schedules listed are subject to change.
    Only matches in blue will be 'LIVE' at London Boat Quay.

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