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Here are the guys that make up the SSSC Committee for 2013/14, working selflessly to ensure the club runs smoothly. If you see them at London Gastrobar, go up and say hello!


Back (L-R): Terence Tan, Palvinder Chahil, Mohamed Nazeer (Troy), Kamaljit Singh, Daryl Spykerman, Kev Toh
Front (L-R): Benedict Goh, Gavin Thang, Ng Jong Han, Cheong Meng Tak, Simon Leung, Sam Lim, Thomas Lau
Not in picture: Adrian Chan

The 2013/14 Committee will be chaired by Cheong Meng Tak. He takes over from Adrian Chan, who has been at the helm for the past three seasons. We thank Adrian for his time and effort in running SSSC.

The rest of the committee consists of:

Vice-chairman - Kamaljit Singh;

Treasurer - Kev Toh;

Secretary - Ng Jong Han;

Media & Comms - Daryl Spykerman;

Membership & Merchandise - Thomas Lau, Sam Lim and Gavin Thang, who will be responsible for managing all membership matters;

Events & Projects - Adrian Chan and Simon Leung, who will be handling all non-sporting member events, including driving our involvement in community and social projects;

Marketing - Palvinder Chahil, who will manage all existing and potential partners and sponsors;

Sports & Recreation - Terence Tan and Mohamed Nazeer, who will build on our successful competitive football team and initiate other social sporting and recreational activities to engage more members;

Web Admin - Benedict Goh

We look forward to your continued and invaluable support!

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